Acoustics in Educational Facilities – A Best Practice Approach


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As educational authorities around the world have recognised, poor acoustics have significant negative impacts on the functioning of schools and educational facilities.

Including effects on cognitive functioning, potential infringement of Discrimination, Disability & OHS Acts, and more, these effects make it clear that acoustics are as vital a design consideration as ventilation, lighting, or energy use.

Here in Australia, various state authorities have published guidelines that acknowledge and address this issue. Dealing with all aspects of school design – these documents cover a range of acoustic considerations, including reverberation control, sound isolation of walls, and more.

Titled Acoustics in Educational Facilities – A Best Practice Approach, this session examines the requirements of these guides and outlines the best ways to achieve favourable acoustic outcomes in educational projects.

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Identify the basic principles of modern pedagogical design
  • Explain the role that acoustics play in creating good learning environments.
  • Outline the regulatory framework and guidelines that apply to acoustics in educational settings
  • Identify the pathways to sound acoustic design for schools and other educational facilities


Kevin Moffat – Architectural Acoustics Educator, Woven Image

With over 15 years experience in specification engagement within the architectural and design market, Kevin is passionate about assisting architects, consultants, designers and engineers to make the right choice in selecting highly effective and compliant performance solutions.

Alan Heath – Head of Sales (APAC), Woven Image

Alan has over 25 years’ experience specialising in workplace, beginning his career with Steelcase, the world’s leader in research and development for workplace solutions.
During his dalliance in the furniture world, Alan’s passion for workplace strategy was ignited by the co-creation process with designers and end user clients in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA to resolve, and bring to life, ‘activity-based working’ (ABW) solutions.
More recently, he has been immersed fully in the world of workplace transformation as a workplace strategist advising clients through transformation processes and change programmes.
Today he is the international sales manager with Woven Image and implementing a strategy to rationalise the portfolio to fit a ‘total floor plate’ story and transforming engagements from product focused to acoustics advisory.
Alan’s mantra is simple: People should be at the heart of any workplace strategy.
Humans drive innovation when involved and engaged in digitally integrated environments. Connecting the people, the place and the business process from the bottom is the factor for successful change. And change is constant!

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