Sound Solutions for Next-Generation Learning Spaces


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Educational environments, across all levels, have changed dramatically over the past couple of decades. In fact, in many ways, the schools, colleges and universities that today’s students attend bare little resemblance to those in which their parents and grandparents studied.

Beyond the ‘traditional classroom’, new types of learning environments, including performing arts spaces, sports facilities, shared open spaces, and so on have been introduced and brought with them new ways of learning.

At the same time, the move towards sustainability and the emergence of concepts like ‘Building with Country’, vertical schools, and open classrooms, are altering our understanding of what is possible in terms of creating comprehensive learning environments that are conducive to growth.

All of this has moved the goal posts considerably when it comes to acoustics. Titled ‘Sound Solutions for Next-Generation Learning’, this session focuses on this very issue. Beginning by addressing the acoustic considerations of all the above-mentioned features of modern schools, our speakers will also point to real-life examples to illustrate their points.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of acoustics for achieving desired educational outcomes
  • Outline the ways that changes in educational facilities – and the inclusion of performing arts spaces, shared open spaces, and so on – have altered acoustic considerations
  • Identify the ways new concepts, like Building with Country, vertical schools, and open classrooms have affected the creation of healthy learning environments
  • Identify ways to incorporate environmental considerations into the design and construction of acoustically sound, functional learning environments





Rob Jones, Technical and Development Manager & Group Advisor, Autex Acoustics

Robert Jones has been part of the Autex family for over 20 years,  starting with the New Zealand operation before moving to Australia in 2011. He is Autex Australia’s Technical and Development Manager and group advisor for acoustics. As an avid drummer, sound technician, and wicket keeper, his passion for acoustics stretches far beyond the 9-5. Rob is no stranger to creating noise. Part of the team that helps develop products and with his experience, Robs a member of the Australian Acoustical Society and helps to educate many of our clients on the impact’s acoustics have on their project and clients, helping tailor solutions to meet their acoustic and environmental requirements.

Andrea Wilson, Principal, ARM Architecture

Andrea leads ARM Architecture’s multi-award-winning interior design practice. She has over 20 years’ experience in the design and implementation of interiors for workplace, civic, cultural, educational, retail, commercial and residential projects.With degrees in architecture and fine art, and an early career as a fine artist and art academic, Andrea brings a deep interest in the built form, materials and culture to her work.

Max Cyril, Associate, Section Manager (Acoustics), NDY

Max is the Acoustics Section Manager at NDY in the Perth office. Throughout his career, he has contributed to a wide range of projects in Western Australia, specialising in built environment designs across the commercial, residential, industrial, healthcare, government, and education sectors.

Max’s interest in acoustics began with his interest in music. He is a proud alumnus of the Australian Institute of Music, where he attended the senior secondary program and earned a bachelor’s degree in music, majoring in audio engineering at the end of his time there. This experience exposed him to the technical aspects of music production, from recording in the studio to mixing and post-production. Upon completing his music degree, Max developed a deeper passion for acoustics, which led him to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at Curtin University and eventually embark on a career in the field of acoustics.

Since then, he has been notably involved in multiple renowned projects in Western Australia, such as the New Perth Museum (Boola Bardip), 1 The Esplanade (Chevron Headquarters), Capital Square Towers, the new School of Design and Built Environment at Curtin University, and the Boola Katitjin building at Murdoch University. With a unique blend of creativity, functionality, and technical expertise, Max is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovative acoustic design to meet and exceed client expectations.

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