Perforated Metal Panels – Benefits, Applications & Key Design Considerations

Perforated metal is a form of sheet metal that has been punched or stamped to create an almost infinite combination of hole sizes, shapes, patterns, images and open areas for the purpose of screening, shading, security, ventilation and art installation.

Used in these ways, perforated metal really gets the chance to shine. With its uniform, repeated patterns and capacity to play with light and shadow, it lends architectural projects a new, and often unexpected, rhythmic aesthetic.

As such, it finds use in a range of commercial and residential applications, including in louvres, internal walls, ceilings, external cladding, and more. Add to that its various other benefits, including its unmistakable biophilic properties, 3D forms and the infinite recyclability of aluminium and steel substrates; it’s little wonder that this product’s popularity is on the rise.

This session of CPD Live is intended as a guide for specifiers considering bespoke Perforated Metal Panels and Fixing Systems. Outlining its various applications and benefits, our speakers will go on to consider the important considerations – concerning design, installation, regulatory compliance, art contribution, research & development and more – that they should address when using it.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Outline the attractions and benefits of perforated metal panels
  • Identify the various architectural applications of perforated metal panels
  • Outline any technical design challenges associated with façade designs featuring perforated metal panels and explain the best ways to meet and overcome them
  • Identify best practice design for façades incorporating perforated metal



Hazel Derrett, National Specification Manager, Metrix

Hazel boasts over 30 years of extensive experience in the building industry, collaborating with renowned brands and working with some of the most leading Architects. She excels in colour and design, marketing, fostering relationships whilst championing change and sustainability initiatives.


Phil Moyes, Head of Design, Metrix

Phil Moyes was one of the first employees at Metrix Group; a veteran of the business, a testament to the Metrix Group culture and a true innovator of the craft. While Phil’s tenure with Metrix Group is just shy of two decades, his whole life has revolved around design, investigation of technological assistance and development of best practice. Phil developed or at least assisted in the creation of the majority of the new products, software, plugins, quality systems, tooling design and even modification of the punching machinery at Metrix Group.

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4 June, 2024

9:00 am - 10:00 am AEST

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