Navigating Sustainability – Key considerations when selecting aluminium cladding

While the attractions of aluminium cladding are well understood, how products of this type rate in terms of sustainability is a little more difficult to determine.

How then, should architects go about this task? How should they assess its environmental implications? As is the case with all building products, the answer to this question is to firstly choose products that have undergone a lifecycle assessment and consequently been shown to have minimal environmental impact.

Lifecycle assessments examine all aspects of a product’s lifecycle, from raw material extraction to disposal. They consider manufacturing processes, energy consumption, and the recyclability of materials.

And they also involve operational considerations. For example, they ask how the finished product improves (or detracts from) the energy efficiency of the building in which it is installed. Another crucial element to consider is the life expectancy of the product and whether there is any requirement for ongoing maintenance.

In this CPD Live session our speakers outline the key variables that contribute to the sustainability (or otherwise) of aluminium cladding products. They explain how to identify genuinely sustainable cladding and examine how to balance sustainability with broader considerations, like functionality, aesthetics, and so on.


Learning Outcomes

At the end of this presentation, you should be able to:

  • Identify the various types of aluminium cladding available
  • Identify the key metrics associated with assessing the sustainability of aluminium cladding
  • Outline ways to identify sustainable aluminium cladding products
  • Explain how to balance the sustainability of aluminium cladding with broader design considerations



Llewellyn Regler, Technical Manager, Network Architectural

Llewellyn is renowned for his expertise in facade materials, with a major focus on ALPOLIC™ products. In his role, Llewellyn oversees the technical aspects of projects, from concept to construction, ensuring the seamless integration of facade materials to meet design, compliance and performance requirements. He is frequently invited to participate in industry events, and is a committed educator.

Live Session Details

5 June, 2024

9:00 am - 10:00 am AEST

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Network Architectural

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Formal CPD

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