Spaces For Healing – Design Considerations for Walls & Ceilings in Healthcare Environments


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Good healthcare is about more than the expertise of medical staff, the provision of drugs, and the availability of hospital beds. It also involves less obvious environmental considerations, like the design of facilities in which it takes place.

All other factors being equal, well-designed healthcare facilities are conducive to reduced levels of stress amongst staff, higher standards of care, and most importantly better patient outcomes. For this reason, their designs must comply with a range of regulations pertaining to fire safety, acoustic, energy efficiency and more.

Titled ‘Spaces for Healing – Design Considerations for Walls & Ceilings in Healthcare Environments’, this CPD Live session examines the notion of the well-designed healthcare facility. Focusing on one class of products, walls and ceilings, our speakers outline the ways that product choice can help specifiers meet these regulations.

They explain how, when specified thoughtfully and incorporated into well-designed facilities, walls and ceilings can contribute to positive health outcomes.

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  • Outline the ways in which the design of hospitals and other healthcare facilities can have a positive effect on patient outcomes.
  • Identify the various regulations – relating to fire safety, acoustics, energy efficiency and so forth – that apply to the design of healthcare facilities.
  • Outline how wall and ceiling choice can help specifiers meet these regulations.
  • Explain how, when incorporated into well-designed facilities, walls and ceilings can contribute to positive health outcomes.


Aidan Brisbane – Technical Manager, Gyprock

Aidan is an experienced Technical & Compliance Manager with over 25 years in the building industry, and he is highly skilled and qualified in Design Management and Materials / Building Compliance. During his time as the Queensland State Technical Manager, Aidan has worked extensively with Regulators, Certifiers, Architects, Building Designers, Engineers, Builders and Contractors providing technical assistance for a variety or CSR’s brands, including Cemintel, Gyprock, Hebel, AFS and Himmel, across products and systems. Working with numerous and complex systems, Aidan helps to educate diverse stakeholder groups from a wide range of perspectives including fire, acoustics, thermal, structural, NCC compliance and general product information.

Peter Tollens – Category Manager, Gyprock

Peter is an experienced product and brand marketing professional with a career spanning over 25 years in the Australian retail, automotive and construction industries. Working exclusively for the last 10 years in the building industry with CSR Ltd, Peter has been involved in the end-to-end development and launch of some of CSR Gyprock’s most successful product and system innovations in that time – spanning both locally manufactured products, as well as internationally sourced materials from Europe and Asia.

Michael Whitley – Associate, BLP

Michael Whitley is an Associate at BLP with particular expertise in the health and aged care sectors, gained working in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Michael is skilled at both clinical design and interfacing with the base-build to deliver complex hospital projects. As such, he offers a skillset highly tailored to the design and deliveryof world class healthcare facilities.

He has been involved in several large-scale and complex hospital precinct and health projects, including the National Centre of Infectious Disease in Singapore, Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment and the New Footscray Hospital in Melbourne.

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