NCC 2022 – New Coating Provisions For Corrosion Protection On Structural Steelwork


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With various negative consequences including property damage, high remediation costs, and even structural failure, corrosion is a perennial problem for the construction sector. Indeed, according to research, it costs the Australian economy upwards of $30 billion annually.

Acknowledging this – and acknowledging the widely-held view that its previous iteration (NCC 2019) did not adequately address the issue – NCC 2022 has modified its approach to corrosion prevention. To summarize, the new regulation matches best practice in terms of coating systems.

While this is a step in the right direction, problems remain. For example, despite the regulatory changes, specifiers still don’t have a mechanism to assess micro-climates (around pools, in shaded areas, around footings, etc.), which are exposed to ponding water and, therefore, highly susceptible to corrosion.

This CPD Live session examines the new provisions for coatings in the NCC, as well as other corrosion-related regulations, including AS 4100 and AS 5131. Noting their strengths and limitations, our speakers outline what they see as best practice when it comes to corrosion management in 2023.

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  • Outline the prevalence of corrosion in the built environment and identify its negative impacts.
  • Identify the legislative framework surrounding corrosion, including the NCC and relevant standards.
  • Explain the ways NCC 2022 differs, in terms of its approach to corrosion management, from NCC 2019.
  • Identify the ways in which this regulatory framework is still deficient.
  • Outline the ways that specifiers need to go beyond the regulatory requirements to achieve best practice corrosion management.


Justin Rigby Principal, Remedy Asset Protection

Justin Rigby is the Principal at Remedy Asset Protection (RemedyAP).
Remedy Asset Protection is a corporate member of ACRA (Australasian Concrete Repair and Remedial Building Association) and is a NATA accredited consultancy for Clients that require specialists in protection or refurbishment of concrete and steel assets to provide expert assistance within their own team structures, including; condition assessment, project advisory
and independent auditing including coating inspection services.
Justin has extensive experience in the Protective Coatings industry developed over 25 years and is a AMPP CIP and AMPP CUI lecturer, Icorr Level 3 inspector, Level 2 Bridge Inspector and serves as Chairperson of two of the Australasian Corrosion Associations (ACA) Technical Groups.
Justin has authored a number of papers for publication in prestigious journals and has presented at international conferences and in Australia with regard to protection of concrete and steel using coatings technologies.
He has a passion for project delivery and his focus is on introducing efficiencies and building team based strategies with enhanced performance and cost benefits for Clients and their suppliers.

Oscar Duyvestyn National Durability Manager, Remedy Asset Protection

Oscar has a life-long career in the areas of corrosion prevention and construction materials performance, and specializes in protective coatings and tank linings. He has specific skills in corrosion and coating condition surveys, materials selection, new construction and maintenance specifications, durability and constructability optimization, design detailing, concrete protection and repair, failure analysis, construction supervision and inspection, staff training, development and implementation of QA systems and maintenance strategies. In over 30 years in the industry, Oscar has conducted more than 300 condition assessments and prepared more than 500 technical specifications for the protection of complex steel and concrete structures and the remediation of existing infrastructure.

Oscar has experience working in shipbuilding & repair, on- and offshore oil & gas, mining, ore processing, ports & marine, water & sewerage, steel construction and fabrication, defence, conventional and renewable energy and chemical processing and he has worked in Australia, Europe, The Middle East, South-East Asia and PNG. Oscar is a Certified Materials Professional, a Level 3 NACE Certified Coating Inspector, as well as a NACE CIP and SSPC CCI course instructor.


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