Invigorating Infrastructure with Dynamic Lighting


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As used in infrastructure projects, the possibilities associated with dynamic lighting now extend far beyond way finding or statement making.

New technologies have made it possible to transform static fixtures into story telling opportunities; surfaces that adapt to time, season, weather, and more – while influencing and improving user awareness, engagement, and behaviour.

Titled ‘Invigorating Infrastructure with Dynamic Lighting’, this CPD Live session examines the use of lighting to transform and enhance existing assets. Citing recent examples, our speakers explain how emerging technologies have empowered them to push boundaries, challenge conventional methodologies, and break new ground.

They outline all the relevant design considerations, technical challenges, and regulations, and in so doing, identify the surest pathways to success in projects of this type.

By the end of this session, you should be able to:

  • Outline the ways lighting systems are typically incorporated into infrastructure projects
  • Explain the ways dynamic lighting can be used to enhance existing assets
  • Outline the regulations and standards that apply to the use of dynamic lighting in infrastructure projects
  • Identify design challenges associated with projects of this type along with the best ways to overcome them


Tom Curtis General Manager, Light Project

Tom Curtis has been a valued member of the Light Project team for over 10 years, leading and supporting countless award-winning projects. He has a wealth of experience in project design, delivery, and system integration – recently demonstrated in his work on the Burnley Tunnel Pacemaker project. Tom has also been involved in multiple Level Crossing Removal projects and lighting Melbourne’s iconic Sound Tube. His experience in integrating dynamic content into static structures is extensive and champions the positive effects it can have on rejuvenating architecture.

Laura Procter Team Leader – Transport Planning & Advisory, SMEC

Laura is the Team Leader of SMEC’s Traffic Engineering and Road Safety team, within their Transport Planning & Advisory business. Since joining SMEC in 2019, Laura has been the Traffic Engineering Lead on several landmark projects including the Pound Road West Extension and Camms Road Level Crossing Removal Projects, and has recently led SMEC’s Road Safety Advisory Services for Transurban’s Burnley Tunnel Enhancement Project. Laura role was to guide the road safety assurance process which included bespoke layers of investigation and evaluation to inform the development of the unique operating parameters for the Pacemaker Lighting.

Phil Naulls General Manager of Operations, Transurban

At Transurban, Phil is responsible for the management and operations of the toll road network in Victoria. This includes the operations of the CityLink tollway. Phil joined Transurban in February 2015 from Lend Lease where he was Regional Manager Vic/SA for the Road Operations and Maintenance business.
A civil engineer, Phil has 20 years of experience in transport infrastructure management and operations, across NZ, UK and Australia. Phil has led the operations and maintenance businesses of the past three road Public Private Partnerships (PPP) procurements in Melbourne. Over the past 15 years, Phil has led operations and maintenance businesses in the PFI/PPP sector both in Australia and UK.

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